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Beady I Bead: What are waist beads 

Beady I Bead: What are waist beads 

Beads are more than just for a pretty bracelet or necklace that you wear occasionally. Whether it’s for aesthetic or you receive it from someone special, you can’t deny the fact that it looks good to anyone who wears it. 

Aside from making these typical accessories, another thing you should know about beads is that you can use them to make waist beads! 

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, Beady I Bead is here to help you introduce yourself to a brief origin of waist beads and what they are used for. Keep on reading to learn more about this interesting type of accessory. 

What are waist beads?

In West African countries like Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria, this traditional accessory for women has been dominant in the past years. Waist beads are known in different regions as belly beads, beaded-west chains, and waistline beads. 

From the name itself, this accessory is worn around your waist. West African women personalize it starting from the string, designs and beads that they’re going to use. They check your waist measurement first before they proceed in customizing your waist beads. 

This trend has been adapted in modern times and usually, they are seen for aesthetic purposes only. But what you don’t know about waist beads is that women in African cultures started wearing them as a symbol of fertility, spiritual well-being, femininity, and sensuality. 

Why do women wear them?

Aside from its ability to highlight your waist feature and add more charm to your body, there’s a deeper meaning behind the purpose of why African women wear them. 

Sign of maturity

Waist beads are worn by women starting from the day they were born as part of their traditional culture. They honour waist beads to every girl to mark their stages of entering womanhood such as getting their first period and giving birth to a child. 

Weight measurement

Instead of using a weighing scale, they use waist beads to determine if you gained or lost weight. Since the most common strings used for making it isn’t stretchable, they can easily see the changes in your body. 

Once the waist beads got loose it’s an indication that you’ve lost some weight while on the other hand, if you feel like it’s getting tighter around your waist it means you’ve gained some. 

Proper posture

Waist beads are made to fit your body proportions. So every time you move, you’ll feel its presence in your waist even more especially when sitting down. The way you sit and move affect how they feel around which makes you conscious of your posture. 

To prevent it from breaking into pieces or piercing through your skin, sitting down properly is the best thing to do which leads to you fixing your body posture as well. 


In Ghana, women wear larger beads to attract possible suitors for single women. The more they walk, the louder the noise it will make to gain attention. While in other African cultures, they wear waist beads during sex to increase their chances of getting pregnant. Once they do, they have another separate collection to protect themselves and the baby from any harm. 

Crystal bracelets for positive energy

Crystal bracelets for positive energy

Beady I Bead: Crystal bracelets for positive energy

In the world that you live in today, everything is all fast-paced and you are often too busy to be mindful of your surroundings. Although things have improved for the better, the amount of stress you can encounter each day also accumulates. Sometimes, it becomes challenging to find that silver line of happiness in simple moments in life. This is especially true when it comes to the aspect of mental health because more people today are showing signs of depression. 

However, not all hope is lost and there are still different ways to brighten up your day. A more traditional approach that is still practised presently is relying on crystals to heal yourself and purify the energy in your soul. Want to hear more? Unravel beautiful crystal bracelets that can give you positive energy and happiness here at Beady I Bead!

Majestic turquoise

The breathtaking colour of turquoise which is a mixture of blue and green hues is pleasing to the eyes and cleansing to the soul. Turquoise gemstones have this energy that instantly puts people at ease whenever they see them. They can also bring you a sense of relief, peace and satisfaction. Aside from calming you, it can give you the courage and confidence to face all social situations.

Lovely rose quartz

Rose quartz is an enchanting crystal bead bracelet that helps promote romantic relationships. Love is an aspect of life that brings trouble for many people. At least once in your life, you are likely to encounter challenges related to love.

During times like these, the rose quartz’s energy can give you more clarity in your judgment when looking at other people as well as yourself. Also, it helps you see the positive side of things and teaches you to appreciate the feeling of being in love.

Pure white quartz

Another powerful gemstone that can help clear your mind is white quartz. It represents purity and destroys all negative energy surrounding you while storing only the positive ones. This is a great bead bracelet to carry around with you at all times to help you focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Enchanting amethyst

Since ancient times, the amethyst gemstone has been popularly used by many people. For many Asians, they are a symbol of great luck and fortune. Meanwhile, Greeks see it as something that can give them peace of mind and cleanse their soul. This strong gemstone can help lessen any anxious or lonely feelings in your system.

Find the one for you at Beady I Bead

Beady I Bead is the best place to discover beautiful bead bracelets. We have a plethora of products available for you, varying in designs and meaning. Browse through our website and add to your shopping list the best items for you.

How to make accessories with beads

Beady I Bead: How to make accessories with beads

Depending on the type of accessory you want to make, beads can be used in different ways such as making necklaces, bracelets and even charms. They can also be spotted on people’s clothes as designs. No matter what type of accessory or object, beads can always make everything beautiful.

Beady I Bead has all the necessary beads you need to make the perfect accessories. Discover how creative you can be when you create various accessories! 

With that said, here’s how you can make accessories with beads:


Bracelets are fun and easy to make and you can give them to people you love the most. These accessories can be created by people of all ages, especially kids who want to make friendship bracelets and charms. 

Here’s how you can make beaded bracelets:

  1. Prepare all the tools you need so you don’t have to get up in the middle of making a bracelet because you forgot one tool. Some of the tools you’ll need are beading wire, beads, scissors, tape or binder clip and glue 
  2. If you’re a beginner, consider using an elastic band because you can simply tie both ends together without using a clasp. Clear elastic bands have different thickness and you can choose one depending on your preferences and the type of beads you’ll use 
  3. Once you get the hang of making beaded bracelets, try using wire to give your bracelets a more professional look. Although this type of wire can’t be tied like elastic, it can be connected together using crimps and clasps 
  4. You’ll also need to be mindful of the length of the string you’ll use because it will depend on the size of the beads that will be included in the bracelet
  5. Find out how you want the beads to go together. You can mix and match different types of beads to know which ones look well together
  6. Arrange the beads according to your liking before putting them on the elastic or wire. You can place them on a platform to give you an idea of how the bracelet will look like.


Keychains and charms bring life to your personal items like wallet, bags and keys. What makes these accessories unique is their customizability.

Here’s how to create a charm or keychain:

  1. Paint your beads with the colour you like. This is ideal if you’ll be using wooden beads because you have the freedom to choose the colour combinations. Before you start painting, make sure that you use bright and fun colours so it’ll stand out
  2. Apply two coats of paint to make sure the colour sticks well on the beads
  3. Attach tassels at the end of the beads or at the keyring as an added accessory to bring a pop of colour and flair to your charm/keychain
  4. Place the string of beads you created at the keyring.

Kinds of beads you’ll find

Beady I Bead: Kinds of beads you’ll find

Beady I Bead offers a wide variety of beads you can choose from. Each set has its own beauty that you can put together to create one perfect bracelet, necklace or charm. Discover what you can do with beads when you become creative with us!

Here are the different kinds of beads you’ll find:

Seed beads 

Seed beads are small and round beads made of glass. They’re shiny and usually light in colour because of their glass texture. You’ll also find a wide variety of this kind of beads such as clear, iridescent and silver-lined. 

Additionally, seed beads are usually found in jewellery and weavings because they make a good design once they all come together.

Lampwork beads  

Lampwork beads are some of the most popular handmade beads because they’re made by melting glass with a torch. Making these beads is a bit challenging because different colours are melted together to create visible patterns on the exteriors of the beads. 

Glass crackle beads

These tiny beautiful beads are made of glass and have a crackle effect when reflected by lights. They also display interesting effects based on the colour of each bead.

Pony beads

Pony beads are popular among kids and teenagers who like to create accessories because they’re available in a variety of colours and inexpensive, making them accessible to everyone. These beads are oval-shaped and made of plastic. 

Ceramic beads

As its name suggests, ceramic beads are made of clay, allowing users to have an extensive choice of colours, shapes and sizes. These beads are also a bit matte because of the clay’s texture. Most of the time, these beads are used by tribes and hippie groups.

Wood beads

Wood beads are also available in various shapes and sizes. They’re usually darker in colour because the wood absorbs the paint. 

Semi-precious beads/precious gemstones

Precious gemstones are a bit expensive compared to the other beads mentioned because these involve diamonds, rubies, emeralds and more. On the other hand, semi-precious beads are common and inexpensive, unlike precious gemstones. 

Here are the available semi-precious beads you can choose from:

  • Beige and white stones – Picture Jasper, Leopardskin Jasper, Howlite
  • Red and brownstones – Tiger Eye, Poppy Jasper, Garnet, Goldstone
  • Blue and green stones – Sodalite, Blue Howlite, Lilac Howlite, Grape Fossilbead, Malachite, Unakite, Labradorite
  • Black stones – Hematite, Black Onyx, Snowflake and obsidian.

Cultured pearls

Cultured pearls are considered some of the world’s most expensive accessories. These pearls came from harvested mussels in freshwater or saltwater. Saltwater pearls tend to be more expensive than freshwater pearls. However, freshwater pearls are more in demand. 

Crystal beads

Crystal beads are precious stones that display amazing effects when reflected by lights. These are made with 30% lead, making them known for their brilliance and quality. These can also be made into jewellery but can also be sewn into fabrics as embellishments.

Kinds of stones used for bead making

Kinds of stones used for bead making

Kinds of stones used for bead making

Precious stones are one of the most common materials used for creating jewellery and accessories. In different parts of the world, there are a lot of stones used for healing, decorations, and of course accessories. 

Because stones like diamonds and sapphires are expensive, jewel makers make do with semi-precious stones that feature the same quality but for a cheaper price. All over the world, various kinds of accessories made of semi-precious stones have become a trend among people. If you’re a fan of jewellery but don’t have the money to buy high-quality gems, these stones are the perfect alternative you can try. 

Similar to diamond, precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and Alexandrite are found in the earth’s crust. Usually, they are formed 3 to 25 miles beneath the earth’s surface, but stones such as diamond and peridot are sourced deeper underground. 

When diamonds are formed, they manifest in areas called ‘kimberlite pipes’ that can be found in the earth’s mantle near the outside edge of the surface. When the molten magma covers the surface of these pipes, it slowly forms into small crystals with rough surfaces.

How stones are formed

Other stones are formed when igneous rocks and crystals interlock as the cooling phase is ongoing. Gems will form depending on the elements present in the compound. If the cooling phase is slower, the larger the crystals will get. Usually, the stones found in igneous rocks are amethyst, citrine, ametrine, moonstone, apatite, diamond and tanzanite. 

On the other hand, sedimentary rocks also form their kind of gemstones. This happens when remnants of rocks are carried by the water and compressed into mounds over time. When sedimentary rocks merge with lava and cool down, it forms gems such as jasper, malachite, opal and zircon. 

The third variant is the metamorphic rocks which form when the earth is under intense heat and pressure that can alter the composition of the existing rocks within it. Metamorphic rocks usually produce gems such as lapis lazuli, spinel, ruby, sapphire, zircon and turquoise. 

How are gemstones acquired? 

Diamond and gemstone mining are processes that undergo different procedure to be acquired. Usually, they are recovered through the use of complex machinery and tools that can deeply penetrate the thick layers of the earth. 

This process is rigorous and requires a lot of careful planning because mining is hazardous. However, some stones don’t require much mining because they’re located at the shallow parts of the earth’s mantle. 

Are they worth the investment?

Gemstones can be considered as good investments because stones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies are also valuable in their own right.

They can be sold, depending on the appraiser’s judgement. When you’re buying precious stones, make sure they’re high grade and are not made from laboratories because there are people who make artificial crystals for mass production.  

Different kinds of semi-precious stones used for accessories 

So, if you’re ready to invest in semi-precious stones, here’s a list of stones you can check out from Beady:


With its rich and iridescent colour that mimics the sea, aquamarine is a stone that is always associated with the ocean. According to sailor myths, aquamarine is the stone of the merfolk that contains the powers of the sea.

In earlier times, this stone was used to navigate the ocean and cure people of seasickness during a voyage. Meanwhile, in ancient China, the aquamarine stone was believed to be the stone of the bodhisattva called Kuan Yin, which she used to heal people of their diseases and ailments. 

The aquamarine stone belongs to the beryl family. When translated in English, it means ‘seawater’. Because of the presence of iron oxide in the stone, it forms rich sea colours such as green, blue and sea green. When aquamarine is formed, it must undergo a temperature of over 500 to 600 Celsius.

If you’re an ocean lover and you want to be reminded of the ocean’s beauty, opt for aquamarine accessories. We offer rings, bracelets and necklaces that can suit your boho-chic vibe. 


Alexandrite is another stone that features a blue-green hue. Also known as the magical gemstone, Alexandrite is known for its ability to change colour based on the time of the day. In the morning, it features a blue colour with mossy-green undertones. When the night strikes, its colour changes to red with a touch of raspberry that glimmers. 

The Alexandrite was founded in 1930 in a mountain in Iraq. However, this stone isn’t exclusive to the Middle Eastern country and can also be found in other countries such as Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa.

Because of its ability to shift in colour, the Alexandrite is known as ‘emerald by day, ruby by night’. This is possible due to the mineral called chrysoberyl found in the stone’s mixture. The stone earned its name because it featured the military colours of Imperial Russia and also had an abundant deposit in the country’s Ural Mountains.  

According to lore, the Alexandrite stone can be used to strengthen the imagination and become more creative and insightful. 


Amethyst is one of the most popular stones you can invest in. In ancient myths, the amethyst stone was a gift from the powerful Greek titan Rhea. Because of its calming properties, she gave the stone to the god Dionysus to help him keep his sanity caused by his drinking habits. 

This stone features a beautiful purple hue and can come in several shapes. Because of its vibrant colour, the amethyst stone can be added to both gold and silver accents to highlight its beauty. If you want an eye-catching accessory, this stone is perfect for you.


With its deep, amber hue, citrine is one of the most beautiful stones you can invest in. For thousands of years, this stone has been known for its natural beauty and earthy charm that soon became the inspiration for creating accessories for Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. 

Nowadays, citrine can be sourced from different countries and has lost the opulence that was once associated with it. Despite this, it still stands as one of the most popular stones you can invest in. Because of the different cuts and styles that can be done with citrine, you can ask your local jeweller to fashion a unique design that will show your taste in high-quality accessories. 

The best accessories made of citrine are cubic-style with remarkable hardware designs that can add extra charm to your style. When it comes to positive effects on the body, citrine is believed to contain a lot of benefits that can improve digestion, calculatory and kidney health. 


Emerald’s rich and vibrant green hue has been prized by jewellery collectors for thousands of years. Its rare beauty, antiquity and eye-catching charm made it one of the most priceless jewels of all time. Emerald’s name came from the Greek word ‘smaragdus’. 

While other gems feature a green colour, nothing comes close to the opulence that emerald has. The first emeralds mined dates back to around 300 BC in Egypt and were used on Cleopatra’s accessories. 

In biblical legends, emeralds were one of the stones gifted by God to King Solomon who received power and strength. According to other lore, the emerald stone has the ability to cure illnesses such as cholera and malaria. Additionally, wearing an emerald is also believed to reveal if a lover is unfaithful to his mother. 


Next to diamond, sapphire is the next most valuable gem in the world. Contrary to popular belief, sapphire doesn’t only come in blue hues but has variants such as green, pink and more. For thousands of years, this stone has been used by royalty and noblemen as accessories. It also comes with a lot of interesting myths which makes it even more valuable. 

Sapphire’s name was derived from the Greek word ‘Sapphirus’ which means blue. Sapphire stones feature a deep blue hue that almost looks indigo. In Hindu mythology, the sapphire is a part of the Kalpavriksha or the wish-fulfilling tree. It was described as a huge tree with rubies for fruit, a diamond-studded trunk and roots made of precious sapphire stones. 

Meanwhile, Persians believe that sapphires were chips from the monolith pedestals that bore the earth. Sapphire stones are extremely beautiful and expensive. There are different sapphire grades in the market, so make sure you check these before buying. Be wary of synthetic variants because they are very rampant in markets. 


In China, Jade is known as one of the most popular stones that provide healing, happiness and luck. Its roots can be traced back to Eastern civilizations where it’s revered as a healing crystal that can provide many health benefits to users. You will usually find jade attached to different kinds of jewellery and statues in the country.