Crystal bracelets for positive energy

Beady I Bead: Crystal bracelets for positive energy

In the world that you live in today, everything is all fast-paced and you are often too busy to be mindful of your surroundings. Although things have improved for the better, the amount of stress you can encounter each day also accumulates. Sometimes, it becomes challenging to find that silver line of happiness in simple moments in life. This is especially true when it comes to the aspect of mental health because more people today are showing signs of depression. 

However, not all hope is lost and there are still different ways to brighten up your day. A more traditional approach that is still practised presently is relying on crystals to heal yourself and purify the energy in your soul. Want to hear more? Unravel beautiful crystal bracelets that can give you positive energy and happiness here at Beady I Bead!

Majestic turquoise

The breathtaking colour of turquoise which is a mixture of blue and green hues is pleasing to the eyes and cleansing to the soul. Turquoise gemstones have this energy that instantly puts people at ease whenever they see them. They can also bring you a sense of relief, peace and satisfaction. Aside from calming you, it can give you the courage and confidence to face all social situations.

Lovely rose quartz

Rose quartz is an enchanting crystal bead bracelet that helps promote romantic relationships. Love is an aspect of life that brings trouble for many people. At least once in your life, you are likely to encounter challenges related to love.

During times like these, the rose quartz’s energy can give you more clarity in your judgment when looking at other people as well as yourself. Also, it helps you see the positive side of things and teaches you to appreciate the feeling of being in love.

Pure white quartz

Another powerful gemstone that can help clear your mind is white quartz. It represents purity and destroys all negative energy surrounding you while storing only the positive ones. This is a great bead bracelet to carry around with you at all times to help you focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Enchanting amethyst

Since ancient times, the amethyst gemstone has been popularly used by many people. For many Asians, they are a symbol of great luck and fortune. Meanwhile, Greeks see it as something that can give them peace of mind and cleanse their soul. This strong gemstone can help lessen any anxious or lonely feelings in your system.

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