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Our classes are run at your convenience, and you can come on your own or bring friends.

Most of our classes involve a class fee which will vary depending on whether you are alone or if you come with friends.  In addition to this there is a materials kit.  We offer many kits, so that you can choose something you like at a price point that suits you.

Please browse the class galleries below for more information on the various skill levels of classes available.

Beginner Beading Classes Gallery: 

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Create works of art with the Beady I Bead team when you sign up for bead-making classes. There are different techniques you can apply for your do-it-yourself projects involving accessories, clothes, and other creative things you can think of. 

These classes are taught by local artisans and artists that practice bead-making in their trade. You can sign up for these classes when you submit an application form located below this page. Make sure to sign-up as early to secure your spot in one of our classes!

Why bead-making?

bead-making is one of the easiest hobbies you can pick up no matter what your age is. All you need to have is a commitment to learning techniques on how you can incorporate beads creatively into your projects. It’s a beautiful way to express your creativity even in small ways such as learning this craft. 

Creating accessories is ingrained in different cultures around the world. Mostly, it’s seen in cultural clothing especially in indigenous groups with rich history and culture. At times, beaded accessories are even created to reflect the stories of victories and acts of bravery of people in their respective communities. 

You can learn this craft regardless of your age. Here at Beady I Bead, we encourage customers to try bead-making as a source of inspiration in creating works of art during their downtime. 

There are also kits available in our store to help jumpstart your journey in this craft. Ask our staff to help you out in this simple process. Our team is more than happy to assist you in your search for materials and inspiration for your projects. 

Accessories you can create

You can create various accessories as long as you materialize what you have in mind. Imagination can help you get inspired and craft beautiful pieces that’ll reflect your personality. You can even create customized accessories as gifts for your friends and family. 

There’s a lot of things you can do with bead-making including:


Accentuate your clothes with the right beaded necklace. At times, the accessories you see in the market never truly captures who you are. This is why it’s important to learn bead-making so you can craft necklaces that’ll fit your personality and style. 

Having the right accessories to make your clothes stand out from the crowd is a great way to lift your spirits. With the right necklace, you can improve not only your style but also your self-esteem. It’s a great way to boost your confidence and strut the runway of life. 

Charm bracelets

It’s hard to look for beautiful charm bracelets in outlet stores and boutiques. Oftentimes, the designs aren’t unique and don’t encapsulate the essence of your style and personality. 

This is where bead-making comes into play. You can create pieces that would match perfectly with your favourite clothes and would truly be a reflection of who you are. Through your creativity, you can create various bracelets that would make your everyday style look all the better. 

What’s more exciting about this is you’re harnessing your creativity when you learn the craft. It’s also a source of pride and glory to know that you’re capable of creating something unique and beautiful.


Take your accessory making to the next level and learn how to create earrings from scratch. It’s a great way to push your creativity and technical skills since earrings are a bit complicated to make. You can also use this as an opportunity to make customized accessories that would match your style and clothes. 

You can also create personalised accessories that you can gift your friends and loved ones. They’ll appreciate this since it’s a laboured gift that you took the time to create. It’s thoughtful and filled with love and appreciation for the person. 

Dress patterns

Beads are not only for accessories, they can also be incorporated into customising dresses and other pieces of clothing. Add your flair into your clothes and make the pieces your own when you design them with bead patterns. Although it takes time and effort to make it beautiful and perfect, it’s all worth it in the end. You’ll get to have beautiful clothes that are only for you. 

Make your dresses one of a kind by incorporating beautiful bead patterns into them. This way, you can personalise your style that truly reflects your personality. 

You can even start from scratch and make a dress that not only fits your body but is also designed with elements that tell a story about who you are. It’s a great way to show the world that you are a magnificent person capable of artistic expression. 

Take the Beady I Bead classes

What to expect

Beaded classes are open to everyone in the community. As long as you dare to express yourself and your artistic vision through bead-making, you’re welcome to sign-up. 

These bead-making classes are headed by Beady I Bead staff and artisan creators in the local community. They will teach you basic accessory making techniques that can help you with your do-it-yourself crafts and projects. 

Expect to learn different ways of utilising your beads to create a unique necklace, bracelet and earring designs. You’ll also learn how to incorporate beads into your dresses to personalise your style and accentuate clothes to fit you better. 

Tools you need to know

It’s easy to pick up bead-making as a hobby since you’ll only need a few supplies to get started. These aren’t expensive and you can buy these materials even if you are on a budget. 

Ask our staff to get you started on a beginner’s kit so you’ll have everything you need in one box. Here are some of the tools that beginners need to know when it comes to bead-making: 


The most important thing you need to have in your kit is a collection of beads with varying designs, shapes and sizes. These are the heart and soul of your creation. Without beads, you won’t be able to design unique pieces since these are the decorative elements that make your creation unique. 

Purchase a variety of beads at an affordable price here at Beady I Bead! Our staff can help you look through our catalogue of designs that can accommodate your needs. There are a variety of beads to choose from so you won’t be limited to basic beads.


In the bead-making process, you’ll need to be acquainted with a variety of pliers. These tools have different uses and functions depending on your project. You’ll need to have chain-nose, round-nosed and crimping pliers to make your designs come to life. 

These tools are helpful when cutting wires or reforming metal pieces, especially in complicated necklace designs and earrings. 

Cutters and scissors

When creating beaded accessories, you’re dealing with a variety of strings, metals, and nylons. Each material requires you to have different cutting tools at your disposal to penetrate through it and customize the length accordingly. 

Flush cutters, wire cutters, embroidery scissors, and kitchen scissors should always be present in your kit. This way you’re prepared for any kind of material when creating your accessories. 

Thread burner

Bead makers often like using thread when making bracelets. This is because the material is flexible and functional. It can stretch and expand which is helpful especially with bracelets. 

However, this material can cause threading, especially when not cut properly. You can prevent this by burning the edges with a thread burner. It also secures your bracelet so it’ll hold better for longer. 

Beading needles

Smaller sized needles can be a pain to insert in threads and wires. It’s handy to have a blunt beading needle to help you create complex designs using different bead sizes. Moreover, it also speeds up the process of inserting beads into the thread since you don’t have to struggle with the material every time. 

Beady I Bead sessions

Starting small with basic techniques

Sign up for classes for beginners when you’re yet to learn about the craft. You should start small and enrol in necklace and bracelet-making classes so you’d easily learn the basic techniques. It’s easy to make these pieces since it’s more on stringing the beads in a single file to create an accessory you can wear every day. 

Earrings and wirings

If you know the basic techniques of bead-making, you can move on to more complicated classes like earrings and accessory wiring. These classes will help you learn how to utilise wire as a material for your projects. 

The class isn’t limited to earrings but that’s where we’ll start. Once you’ve gotten a grasp of it, you can ask the instructor advanced questions on do-it-yourself projects you’re planning using beads and wires. 

Advanced dressmaking classes

bead-making is a lot more complicated when incorporating it into dressmaking and customising clothes. It’s a more meticulous process that requires skill and patience to learn. You need to be knowledgeable in the basic techniques of accessory making and wiring to understand the complexities of dressmaking.