Come and check us out!

We are the largest bead store west of Toronto, with over 35,000 items in stock.

We carry semi-precious beads and specimens, Swarovski and Heavenly crystal, seed beads, Delicas, Superduos, glass, acrylic, precious metals and zinc, wood, and ceramic.

Our selection of findings is amazing, and our staff is knowledgeable and helpful.  Our customers have a way of becoming our friends!


The next of our famous gem shows is coming up soon.

Friday March 9th to Sunday March 11th

Come and be amazed by the selection and prices.


We have sandalwood and rudraksha beads as well as other scented woods, and plenty of semi-precious beads at all price points.

And we have zinc, wood, and cinnabar Guru beads, loads of choices for counter beads, and many colours of silk.


Take a class, and learn to make a hand-knotted mala with a hand-made tassel!

Choose your own elements! The price of the class is $50.00 (plus components) if you come by yourself and $40.00 each excluding supplies if you bring a friend.

Make fabulous jewellery with Beady I Bead products!

Channel your artistic prowess with one-of-a-kind beads you can purchase at Beady I Bead! In our store, you can look for beautiful Swarovski beads, crystals, as well as acrylic, zinc, porcelain, and wooden beads. 

Our store’s impressive collection of beads can be used for creating customized jewellery, sequins patterns in clothes, and ornaments for decorative pieces. All you need is a creative flair and you can create anything with these beads. 

About Beady I Bead

The Beady I Bead speciality store is born out of a love for creating jewellery. The founders of this charming store started as bracelet makers when they were younger and decided to put up a store to encourage the community to create their works of art. 

Each of the beads from the store’s collection can cater to different styles of customers. If you’re looking for a specific design, then we got it here for you. Our expert staff will help you find the perfect style that’ll fit your vision. 

Here at Beady I Bead, we want you to explore creativity and experience art catharsis on a deeper level. It is our mission to spread positivity and passion for art even in the smallest ways possible. 

Through our products as well as jewellery creation classes, our team encourages customers like you to tap your inner artistic self and be the master of your creativity. You can count on us to be the catalyst of jewellery making here in the Greater Toronto area!


Find out the latest news about Beady I Bead and our various events when you check out this announcement dashboard regularly. Here are some of the things and events you should know about that’ll happen in the next couple of months:

Famous gem show

Be the next champion of the annual Beady I Bead gem competition. You can sign up for this event from March 9 to March 11 only. Send us a message with the following requirements: 

  • An accomplished application form (downloadable file on the website)
  • 2 copies of government IDs
  • Cover letter detailing why you want to join the competition

You will receive a confirmation email within two to three days. Inside are instructions on how to pay the participation fee. Please settle the payment within the week to secure your slot in the competition. 

Mala supplies

Visit our store today to get your hands on limited edition sandalwood and rudraksha beads! These are rarely available in our store so get yours while supplies last. You can also take classes to learn more about creating authentic Mala jewellery that you can wear to express yourself. 

Contact Beady I Bead today!

If you have any inquiries about our store, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us through our trunkline (9054)827-0043 if you have any questions about our bead supplies. 

You can also send us a message regarding delivery inquiries through our email address. Please include the subject line ‘beady inquiry’ to help us sort through the messages easily. We will respond to your message within two to three business days.